Kids of the Majestic

Every day, a sea of passengers floods the Majestic Railway Station of Bangalore City, India. Beneath the commotion of commuters, a group of orphans live beneath the station, collecting the trash that the passengers have left behind.

KIDS OF THE MAJESTIC is a documentary by filmmaker Dylan Verrechia and Dr. Suhas Radhakrishna that follows a group of such orphans: Rafik, a smiling young drug addict; Mental Manja, nicknamed “mental” because he didn’t speak until he was 10; Arun-Badur, the artist and the writer; Baba, who at 8 has travelled throughout India alone; and Joti, mother-to-be at 16, who was abused at 9.

The filmmakers befriended these children who, uneasily and slowly, opened up to them, sharing their life stories as no one before has ever heard.

This documentary upholds a strong moral content by not only depicting the reality and hardship of these children, but also the positive aspect of this social group that works within its community.

KIDS OF THE MAJESTIC won Best Feature Children’s Advocacy at the 2010 United Nations endorsed Artivist Film Festival Raising Awareness for Humanity, Animals and the Environment, and the Direction and Writing Insight Awards of Recognition at the National Association of Film and Digital Media Artists.

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Run Time: 53 minutes
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