Tender Is The Sight

This film shows the sightless world of tiny Hassibullah and his sonic interpretations of space, day, time,seasons and the physical motion of everyday touchable world.

A tiny village of Nadia – the fringe district of West Bengal. There lives a young boy, Hassibullah, the 10-year son of a boatman. The little one habitually bubbles with energy and mischievous spirit. He immensely navigates through the world around and emulates the same love for anything he gets sensitized with. He wants to know the blushes of wings of bees; imagines the shiver of rain-drenched leaves, its fulsome green; paints in mind the vignettes of grey in rumbling clouds. He wants to measure the splashing tides while he accompanying his father on the ferry through the river Churni. He does it all with utmost intensity. He redefines texture, tone and finer grain of his physical environ. It is through sonic world and touch our little Hassibullah connects himself to his own universe. He is blind.

He studies in a residential school far from his home. Once a month he comes back home by train. The train he travels by, the motor his father gears up to start the boat, the bikes and the cars on the street….every sound surges around and settles inside him. The extra ordinary boy, unlike most of the visually challenged schoolmates, he imitates all these sounds by playing on solid surfaces.

He just perceives everything around through sound and these intimate imbibitions evolves into a new world – the world of Hassibullah’s sonic interpretations of space, day, time, seasons and the physical motion of everyday touchable world. He touches the lightless world with his tiny fingers of sound and evokes the mystic lightness. Hassibullah creates a different symphony from the rattling leaves to the vast bustling world. He lives in a realm of beats and rhythms and counts.

Musicians: ,
Release Year:
Run Time: 52 minutes
Color/B&W: Color
CBFC rating: N.A.

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