Abode of the Serpent

A documentation of the tribes inhabiting the Dang Forest in Gujarat, India. A people undergoing drastic change due to an economic boom…

Sonabai: Another Way of Seeing

While imprisoned by her husband for fifteen years, a woman in central India invents an entirely new art form that expresses life’s joy…

The Holy Wives

The film brings out the lives of three different communities who have been victimized in the name of caste based sexual exploitation in India through stories of their life,struggle and their dreams of a dignified life of their children.

This Is Kashmir

In 2009 the New Zealand Ski Club of Kashmir put the call out for ski and snowboard instructors to volunteer for a once in a lifetime opportunity…


Akash Goswami lives with his mother, father, grandmother and five sisters in rural India. He is approximately thirteen years old. The people of his village believe that Akash has the ability to invoke the Hindu Goddess Durga.

Drying for Freedom

A film about our right to protect the planet. With a worldwide focus on cutting carbon emissions, how would you respond if you were banned from being environmentally friendly?

Wahid’s Mobile Bookstore

Wahid’s Mobile Bookstore Among the traffic, smog, blaring horns and careening commuters that crowd the intersections of Mumbai…