Cloth Paper Dreams

At the confluence of the three holiest rivers in India during the world’s largest spiritual pilgrimage, three men converge, each bringing what connects them to something greater than themselves.

Creator of God

This is the story of how a brain surgeon’s quest, starting as a teenager, finds answers to how and why…


Akash Goswami lives with his mother, father, grandmother and five sisters in rural India. He is approximately thirteen years old. The people of his village believe that Akash has the ability to invoke the Hindu Goddess Durga.

The Modern Mystic: Sri M of Madanapalle

The Modern Mystic is a film about a most remarkable man. One day in the future it will be said that a great master passed this way and awakened many to their inner potential… The Modern Mystic is new film by Raja Choudhury about a very remarkable man, Sri M of Madanapalle

City of the Dawn

City of the Dawn is a documentary film exploring Auroville, an experimental city created to be a living embodiment of human unity…