Unlimited Girls

Mixing non-fiction and fiction, Unlimited Girls follows Fearless explorations and conversations: wondering why women must always lead double lives…

Fun Arrived

A documentary about the Qawaali music of India. The film is a musical journey through the childhood memories of director and producer, Jay Bajaj.

Tell Them the Tree They Had Planted Has Now Grown

Tell Them The Tree They Had Planted Has Now Grown, a powerful film made straight from the heart, is a cinematic diary of a Kashmiri revisiting Kashmir after a twelve year exile to witness the scars of a paradise lost.


Indian music,from time immemorial,has been looked upon not merely as a form of entertainment but has…

Shelter: The Boys of Wazirabad Road

In New Delhi, India, a group of orphaned boys from the Wazirabad Road shelter home find redemption and healing through a street theater group dedicated to educating illiterate audiences.

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