Makkala panchayat

The children of Kundapur, South India, find their own voice by participating in an election process that would result in a self governing body – first in the entire country.

Pedaling to Freedom

In one of the poorest parts of the world, 230,000 people learned to read and write. Over 100,000 women learned to cycle. Wages jumped up 1000% It happened in the space of just one year and cost about a dollar per person.


Inspired by the cinema of Lumière and the ideas of the 20th century Indian thinker Krishnamurti, David…

Bharatnatyam: Life, Breath, Dance

A glimpse into the beautiful world of Bharatnatyam; a classical South Indian dance. World renowned dance teachers Chitra & Madurai Muralidharan along with their devoted students share their experience with this divine art form.

Laya Project

A musical, visual journey. Recorded and filmed on location, it resurrects ancient and forgotten folk music from Sri Lanka…

Speaking Tree

An unusual destiny of man named Deva who lost his mind while grazing camels in the desert of northwestern India…

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