Softwaring Hard

A documentary about the world of software and the software makers. How do people from outside the industry see it and what do people from inside the industry think about regular computer users?

Even the Crows

At a time where the controversial Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, is running to be India’s next Prime Minister…


A film on Kapila, the youngest and most significant actress of Kutiyattam [the ancient Sanskrit theater form of India more than 2000 years old]…

Sangam: Where Two Rivers Meet

A Canadian filmmaker documents the act of putting his mother’s ashes into India’s holy Ganges River, resulting in a subsequent quest to understand the Hindu concept of an ‘Ideal Wife’.

7 Years to Grace

Short Documentary focusing on Sonamati’s 7 year ordeal to reunite with her husband and daughter, after being abandoned by her family and society for having contracted Hansen’s disease(Leprosy).

The Ashram

In the scenic landscape of the Sonoma Valley lies the Sonoma ashram. There, about a dozen men and women…

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