Waiting for a Storm

The chars of the Brahmaputra are a curious geographical feature of the river – they are small, temporary land masses…

In Their Shoes

The filmmaker tries to find out why was he always pushed away by his father from joining the family business of shoe material trading…

Break the Branch

Indian girls and women rise above the hardships of their life through involvement in a rural women’s school.

Neeralaya Promotional Video

Promoting Neeralaya Resort, Manali for tourism and introducing it to the world as unexplored Resort in India.

Call from the Other Shore

Maruvili (Call from the Other Shore) is an attempt of a poet-turned-filmmaker to portray the life and poetic idiom of one of his great predecessors…

2183 Days

Filmed over the period of five years; a rare and unique cinematic observation by artist and award winning…

Where’s My Coffee?

An Indian girl conducts a social experiment where her friends must each try to live on only $300 US dollars for a month. The film highlights how to survive despite monetary constraints and concludes with surprising results.

Saturn Saved Me

‘Saturn Saved Me’ is a 50 minute personal documentary film by Sharon Smith. A spiritual road movie about…

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